Day 20, at Cape Girardeau, mo for the day

We spent the day just anchored off Cape  Girardeau, Mo for the day ,   arrived last nite, and going to meet Nathan, and kids tonite or tomorrow morning, (Milts son and grandsons),   take them for a boat ride.   then on south .    spent most of day just loafing, reading a book,   washed a few items,     hot here,  thermometer inside boat read 101 in the shade.     cloudy now, may get rain which we have not had the whole trip.     no daily page today.

will give kids a ride tomorrow and then head on south,   50 miles to go to meet Ohio river.

Day 18, Wed aug 28th

Left mooring at 7:30, went downriver pulled and stopped at Chester, Ill. at a boat ramp, pulled up on little sand beach and got wagon ready for the walk,    Milt started out, but someone pulled up and offered to take us to station.    People along the river have been very friendly and generous this way.


We got gas and ice, then downriver to anchor in a near channel area above Grand Tower. and will be here for the night.     Supper for tonite will be leftover goulash from last nite.

Day 17, Tues, Aug 27

Left Hoppies about 9:45 this morning , made about 41 miles today, and now tied up to guide wall at a lock about1 mile up the Kaskaslia River in Ill. RM 118 Will be here overnight. Our neighbors from last night are here also.

Now with the Missouri River joining us we have more current and our average speed has picked up a couple of mph to about 8-8.5 mph. and gas mileage has also improved a little.  More on daily page


Day 16,

Going to stay here at Hoppies for another night.   both to catch up on some things.     Stan washed some clothes,  and we did a little repair work on front splash board and gang plank.    and catching up on the blog.    and other internet work.    maybe more later,

Day 15, arrived at Hoppies Marina

this morning we got to Hoppies marina about noon and will spend the night here.   filled up with gas and ice.   and marina people took us into town about a mile away to a small grocery store for needed supplies.   We may stay an extra day here.    more to be posted on daily page if internet holds

Day 14 at the Arch

Left our anchor site about 7:15,  stopped at Alton Marina for gas and ice, then on to the Mel Price lock, got right thru.  passed the Missouri River mouth, where there was a lot of turbulent water and current picked up speed, and then went thru the canal bypassing the chain of rocks, thru LD 27 which is our last lock on the Mississippi River and on to the Arch.   We got a dock for the night at a industry barge repair facility about a 1/4 mile from the Arch,  went to arch in afternoon. a lot of pictures but not much narrative today.

Dock site is quite noisy tonight,  train close overhead , interstate traffic noise,   but we have electricity so will have fans going since its pretty hot.

Had scrambled eggs and Ham with onions, and green peppers for supper, chocolate pudding for dessert.

We docked at an industrial barge repair facility.   attendant gave us a little tour.

We docked at an industrial barge repair facility. attendant gave us a little tour.


Daily page

Now on Day 13, at Alton, Ill

We are now at Alton, Ill.   anchored in small cove across the river.    remember to click on the daily page logs where I try to post some each day,  However,  internet service has been spotty so often cannot post until I reach a place with a better signal.

Should be at the Arch tomorrow.


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