Day 20, at Cape Girardeau, mo for the day

We spent the day just anchored off Cape  Girardeau, Mo for the day ,   arrived last nite, and going to meet Nathan, and kids tonite or tomorrow morning, (Milts son and grandsons),   take them for a boat ride.   then on south .    spent most of day just loafing, reading a book,   washed a few items,     hot here,  thermometer inside boat read 101 in the shade.     cloudy now, may get rain which we have not had the whole trip.     no daily page today.

will give kids a ride tomorrow and then head on south,   50 miles to go to meet Ohio river.

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  1. Patricia
    Aug 31, 2013 @ 05:06:56

    Nathan was happy to get to see you and the boys are excited about ‘sailing’ with you tomorrow. Now they will understand what Gpa and Uncle Stan are really doing. This is something they will remember forever, something to tell their friends about – how you guys sailed from Iowa to Alabama!


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