Day 41 Sat Sept 20th Final Day

Day 41 Sat Sept 20th Final Day

After almost no rain for the entire trip, our final day opened with rain, quite a bit overnight, and it coutinued into the morning. as it was predicted to end during the morning, we did not leave the house where we stayed overnight until it ended about 10:00AM. then we picked up cousin, John, and proceeded to the boat.

We started the motor and proceeded to the gas dock to pick up some ice, but when we tried to start the motor again, it would not start and run, now what, “Rain, did we get water in motor or gas???” Yes, checked for water in gas and found it. Of course, in the only tank that we had gas in. Switched tanks and filled it with fresh gas, cleaned gas filter, still would not start, switched to a new fuel line, cleaned filter again, change spark plugs, and finally it ran OK and we started out. But the time delay let a barge get ahead of us tward the lock and it looked like we were in for a 3 hour wait, but lock operator said if we could get past the barge we could get thru. so we opened the throttle and went past the barge who had to move slow in the lock channel anyway. got to lock, had to wait about 45 minutes for the lock to empty and open. Then in to the 100 foot high chamber. tied off to floating bollard and we started up.

About 1/2 way up the current inside the chamber started swinging us around and the motor in reverse die not have enough power to hold us back and we started swing around and toward the upper gate, we finally released from the bollard and then the moter in reverse could pull us back and away from the gate. but did get a little hairy for a minute.

After getting out of the lock, which now showed 112′ of water under us, we proceeded up the lake to shold creen, and on into brush creek. About 1/2 mile from our destination, we ran out of gas (Oh-OH). But we had a 1/2 in a can so added that, then we stopped at our friend and former neighbors house and dock and visited for a couple of hours. W

We then pumped some gas off of the top of the tank with water in it and added to the good tank so we could make it on to cousin John’s house and dock where we tied up, took final pictures, and Kathy took us back to pickup at marins, as well as set us with a nice helping of beef pot roast, which we ate as soon as we got back to Greenbrier housem

Then we return to the boat and unloaded some neccessary items and returned ro the night. On Sunday we will continue some unloading and on Monday, Milt will take the bus back to Iowa and get the trailer so we can pull the boat out and store for the winter.

Approaching Wilson Lock, our final and highest lift

Approaching Wilson Lock, our final and highest lift

Entering lock chamber

Entering lock chamber

Inside the lock with 100 foot walls

Inside the lock with 100 foot walls

Now at top of chamber with upper gate being lowerd to allow exit.

Now at top of chamber with upper gate being lowerd to allow exit.

Depth sounder shows 112 feet of water under us.

Depth sounder shows 112 feet of water under us.

Entering Shoals Creek Arm of Wilson Lake

Entering Shoals Creek Arm of Wilson Lake

Entering the Brush Creek Arm, our destination

Entering the Brush Creek Arm, our destination

John's dock just ahead

John’s dock just ahead

Boat at destination at Cousin John's Dock

Boat at destination at Cousin John’s Dock

Boat at destination at Cousin John's Dock and the final sunset of the trip

Boat at destination at Cousin John’s Dock and the final sunset of the trip

R2 c1 R2 C2

Day 39-40 arrived Florence

Day 40 Thurs Sept 19th

We got up about 6:30, ate breakfast, then got out the fishing gear and fished from the boat and dock till about 10:00.  We caught 4 nice catfish which we cleaned and kept on ice.

Then headed out into the lake.  After rounding the first bend, we headed into a stiff southerly wind with good waves, however, by hugging the south shore as much as possible for the first 6-7 milrd we were able to make it without to much trouble.   the canoe took on a little water and we had to stop and bail once.  Then after lunch, the river curved back east, and the wind died a little and it was better going.  We stopped at Grand Harbor Marina for some ice.

We made about 20 miles and stopped in mid afternoon at Waterloo, Al. for the night.     We tied up to a nice little dock at the city boat ramp.      We needed some gas and a local fisherman who was just loading his boat offered to take us into the local gas station which was a mile awamy so Milt went with him and filled 2 tanks.  We gave them a bottle of wine as a thank you.

After we got set up for the night, we found out that we had no cell phone service or internet.  We had originally thought we could call our cousin, John, so he could come down and ride to Florence with us, but had no way to contact him.   the boat ramp and adjacent areas were being set up for a big doings this weekend which was a motorcycle ride along the “Trail of Tears” which was to bring in several thousand motorcycles this coming weekend.     glad we will be moving on in the morning.

Day 40 Friday Sept 20th.

Got up about 7:00 and waited till 9:00 to see if cousin John might show up, but then left.   got cell phone service after a couple of miles up the lake and called John and made arrangements for the following day.  Wind was lighter today and we made good time over the next 28 miles which put us at the Florence Marina.  We stopped there and got a dock for the night.   We obtained the marina’s courtsey car and drove to our Greenbrier House and got the pickup that is kept there.   went back to boat, and loaded the canoe into the pickup, along with some of the other items that we will not need for the rest of the trip.   then returned to the Greenbrier house where we will spend the night.

Tomorrow, we will continue thru the Wilson Lock and Dam and onto Brush/Shoals Creek arm of Wilson Lake to end our journey.  John plans to continue with us.


see photos on our daily page

Day 37-38 Arrived at Pickwick Lake

Continued upstream and arrived on Pickwick Lake on Wed afternoon,   see the daily pages for details and photos.      Current plans are to arrive at florence marina below Wilson Dam on Friday night, stay overnight in marina, and continue thru Wilson Lock on Saturday , arrive in Brush/Shoal Creek on Satarday afternoon to end the journey.    Unload boat on Sun/Mon and return to Iowa to get trailer, etc early next week. 


Our dock at Pickwick State {Park Marina on Wed night

One of the three catfish a local fisherman gave us.

One of the three catfish a local fisherman gave us.

day 36 mon

Last Night, we pulled into Birdsong Creek and anchored and fished a while but no luck.

Got underway about 7:45, back out to main channel, we are now at the end of the lake and it is more riverlike with small islands. We had fishing lines out overnight and I had a small catfish and Milt had a snag. My fish was only about 10″ long so a little small with only one fish so I threw it back. but when we pulled the anchor, Milt found it had been snagged on the anchor rope and it had a fish on it a nice catfish. and it appeared he had actually lassoed it.

went up on past the Tennesse River and stopped at Cuba landing, not sure they are open, but I have an interent connection so am posting this for now


Anchor2ed anchored in birdsong creek west side l…


anchored in birdsong creek west side lake fishing no luck above us70 bridge

Day 35, Sat

We are still here at Paris Landing,   wind was pretty strong out of the north this morning and waves on the lake pretty rough and choppy, so we are waiting to see if it dies down.    if not, we may be here another night.    We have now got fishing licenses for Tennessee so may try some fishing the rest of the way,       I don’t think that I will have internet connections very much of the rest of the way.    only if we pull into a marina with wifi.     so will probably keep a log on computer and try to make a quick upload and post if I get a a quick connection.

Got pretty cool last night, down around high 50’s. First night that we have used the blankets or sleeping bags.   supposed to be cool again tonight.

May take off upriver/lake yet tonight if wind dies down, but does not look promising.       Someone just came over to see us who is from Baldwin,    retilred, sold his farm, bought a boat , and living on  it down here.

Day 34 Fri

Left anchorage about 8:30 and proceeded back down the 2 mile bay to lake, quite brezzy with a NE wind so we proceeded to cross the lake quartering downwind to the eastern side and where the main channel was. this kept us more in the lee of the wind and we followed the main channel as much as possible. but it did cross over to the west side and one point and then back . was not bad thought as we were still going with the wind and waves .

We are have Tennessee on both sides  of the lake. plan on getting some fishing licenses this evening and try some fishing in the bays.

It became pretty windy about noon and waves were splashing a lot of water into the canoe as we approached the US 79 bridge so we pulled into the Paris State Park Marina to bail canoe. It was plumb full by the time we arrived. We had planned on stopping there anyway to buy some supplies. so we bailed out the canoe, rented an overnight dock, and one of the attendants volunteer to take us up to a small grocery store about a mile away. then Stan washed clothes and we did a few other items.

have wifi internet tonight ,  as well as restrooms and showers,


see the daily page for photos and more detail

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