Day 21 sat

Day 21, Sat Aug 31

Picked up Nathan and kids at fuel dock this morning about 8:00 AM. They then rode about 10 miles down to Thebes while Stan went with Kristin, (Nathan’s wife) to Menards and Walmart for some items, and then down to the Thebes boat ramp to pick up the boys. Stan reboarded and the kids ended their part happlily.

The boys had a great time, got some towboat captains to blow the horn at them and Milt responded, surprizing the boys with our little air horn. Nathan sang “Ple Man River” from the front of boat.

We then continued on down to Mile 1.5 and anchored just below the south point of Angela towhead on Ill. side. little cove just off the main channel and will spend the night. Made the 50 mile jaunt in about 6 hours. This is a known good anchorage and we did not want to start up the Ohio as we do not know what kiind of ancorages we will find there.

Tomorrow we have another mile and one=half of the Mississippi River, then up the Ohio, hope to make about 35 miles to Metropolis which has a nice docke. May have to stop in Cairo for gas.

Internet connection is present , but very slow so probably no pictues today, will add to daily page when we get good internet.

About 11:00 AM , we passed a young women who was rowing a raft of pontoon floats who was rowing to the gulf of Mexico, talked to her a short time and took pictures, her website is “”.


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  1. Patricia
    Sep 02, 2013 @ 03:49:21

    I believe Nate sang “Ole Man River”, wish I could have heard that. In that setting, can only imagine epic and chilling that would have been. Glad the boys got a chance to sail with Gpa C.


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