Day 22, Sun Sept 1

Left aor anchorage early this morning , the wind was picking up from the WSW and we were concerned our anchors would not hold and it would be better going up the ohio river which was about a mile downstream.   so we did , quess the anchors would have held as we could not pull one up at all,   must have been hooked into a log or something,   had to cut rope and leave anchor,    then as we got into Ohio a thunderstorm hit with a lot of rain.    It quit after a mile or so,  but the canoe had a lot of water and started swamping in the back so we pulled over between some barges out of wind and bailed it out.

Then had to find a place to dock and get gas at Cairo,   went past a boat ramp, but waves were breaking on it so went up farther and found nothing, went back to ramp and waves had calmed so we beached, got tanks out, and someone came down and offered to take us to station.   Milt wentwas  and he took him back over to Missouri, just across river where gas was a lot cheaper,    then got under way and found out the plugs were fouled again, so changed them.






1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Lynn Fulford
    Sep 02, 2013 @ 22:00:36

    following along. hoping weather continues to cooperate!


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