Day 24 & 25 Tues & Wed

Day 24 & 25 , Tue-Wed

We spent all day Tuesday on the telephone trying to find someone who could actually come and pull our boat out of the water and figure out what is wrong and fix it. finally reached someone late Tues afternoon who could do it. MaCabe Marina near Marion, Ill agreed to come. They came Wed morning with a pontoon boat trailer and we pulled it out and went to their shop about 38 miles north of Mound City. arrived there about 12:30PM. they shortly found out that we had water in one of the gas tanks. we think that it came from a marina way back upriver as we had not used that tank for some time. It will also require some carburator removal and cleaning to do a proper job which they are doing Wednesday afternoon. so at present we got a room at a nearby motel and are spending the afternoon and evening here. we hope that they got the problem fixed and will pick us up and take us back to river tomorrow morning. not much here to do, so catching up on reading, this blog and resting. There is a nearby bar that has midget wrestling tonite. Stan did some laundry at a nearby laundromat and met the wrestlers there and they are staying at the same motel.

Went over to nearby gas station/store/resturant and had fried chicken(stan) and pizza(Milt), stopped by the bar where wrestling is to be tonite, but at $20.00/person we declined.

Have not heard from repair shop, so no news maybe good news,  at least, we hope and assume they did not find more problems and we can get on the road/water tomorrow.

Our bug-free home for the night while motor is being repaired.

Our bug-free home for the night while motor is being repaired.

will probably not have any daily pages for these days.   hopefully will be back in travel tomorrow.

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