day 31, tues, sept 10th

We are still here at motel, but the boat motor is fixed, main problem was carbon building up in the exhaust manifold and blocking the exhaust system, which may have been caused or aggravated by our overloading the boat and two small an engine for this overloading. apparently we are not going fast enough to out run the exhaust gases coming out under the water and this causes the buildup. this should fix the problem for a time, but it may happen again so we may have to clean it at the end of trip. going faster may not help, but some additives in gasoline probably will. we think that going downstream also aggravated the problem and we will be going upstream from now on which may also help.

Since it was to late to do much anymore today, our current plans are to stay here overnight, pick up the boat tomorrow morning, and trail it to Kentucky lake for launching. This will avoid the Cumberland river and lock which is very busy now that the Kentucky Lake dam is closed and all barge traffic has to use the Cumberland/Barclay lake lock and narrow Cumberland river. so hopefully tomorrow we will be on our way.

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  1. Dick Jackson
    Sep 11, 2013 @ 00:25:46

    Stanley,you and Milt are starting to sound like vagabonds,with all these diversions.sounds like fun. Dick Jackson.


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