Day 34 Fri

Left anchorage about 8:30 and proceeded back down the 2 mile bay to lake, quite brezzy with a NE wind so we proceeded to cross the lake quartering downwind to the eastern side and where the main channel was. this kept us more in the lee of the wind and we followed the main channel as much as possible. but it did cross over to the west side and one point and then back . was not bad thought as we were still going with the wind and waves .

We are have Tennessee on both sides  of the lake. plan on getting some fishing licenses this evening and try some fishing in the bays.

It became pretty windy about noon and waves were splashing a lot of water into the canoe as we approached the US 79 bridge so we pulled into the Paris State Park Marina to bail canoe. It was plumb full by the time we arrived. We had planned on stopping there anyway to buy some supplies. so we bailed out the canoe, rented an overnight dock, and one of the attendants volunteer to take us up to a small grocery store about a mile away. then Stan washed clothes and we did a few other items.

have wifi internet tonight ,  as well as restrooms and showers,


see the daily page for photos and more detail

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