Day 39-40 arrived Florence

Day 40 Thurs Sept 19th

We got up about 6:30, ate breakfast, then got out the fishing gear and fished from the boat and dock till about 10:00.  We caught 4 nice catfish which we cleaned and kept on ice.

Then headed out into the lake.  After rounding the first bend, we headed into a stiff southerly wind with good waves, however, by hugging the south shore as much as possible for the first 6-7 milrd we were able to make it without to much trouble.   the canoe took on a little water and we had to stop and bail once.  Then after lunch, the river curved back east, and the wind died a little and it was better going.  We stopped at Grand Harbor Marina for some ice.

We made about 20 miles and stopped in mid afternoon at Waterloo, Al. for the night.     We tied up to a nice little dock at the city boat ramp.      We needed some gas and a local fisherman who was just loading his boat offered to take us into the local gas station which was a mile awamy so Milt went with him and filled 2 tanks.  We gave them a bottle of wine as a thank you.

After we got set up for the night, we found out that we had no cell phone service or internet.  We had originally thought we could call our cousin, John, so he could come down and ride to Florence with us, but had no way to contact him.   the boat ramp and adjacent areas were being set up for a big doings this weekend which was a motorcycle ride along the “Trail of Tears” which was to bring in several thousand motorcycles this coming weekend.     glad we will be moving on in the morning.

Day 40 Friday Sept 20th.

Got up about 7:00 and waited till 9:00 to see if cousin John might show up, but then left.   got cell phone service after a couple of miles up the lake and called John and made arrangements for the following day.  Wind was lighter today and we made good time over the next 28 miles which put us at the Florence Marina.  We stopped there and got a dock for the night.   We obtained the marina’s courtsey car and drove to our Greenbrier House and got the pickup that is kept there.   went back to boat, and loaded the canoe into the pickup, along with some of the other items that we will not need for the rest of the trip.   then returned to the Greenbrier house where we will spend the night.

Tomorrow, we will continue thru the Wilson Lock and Dam and onto Brush/Shoals Creek arm of Wilson Lake to end our journey.  John plans to continue with us.


see photos on our daily page

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  1. Patricia Brooks
    Sep 25, 2013 @ 16:23:45

    Oh my gosh…we were docked at Florence Harbor Friday and Sat nights..I remember seeing your boat at the gas docks….I remember wondering why in the world did you have all that stuff…NOW I know… so enjoyed reading about your journey…


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