My name is Stan Cornelius,  69 years old, this spring (2012).    I grew up in Andrew, Iowa, a small town in eastern Iowa.    raised on a nearby farm till I was 14, then we moved to town where my dad started a business.     I have been hunting and fishing since I was small boy, started hunting by myself at age 9,     I attended Iowa State University and majored in Fish and Wildlife Biology.   After college, I landed a job with the National Wildlife Refuge System,   worked for 37+ years, and retired in 2002.  Spent 10 year working on the Mississippi River Wildlife Refuge, near LaCrosse, WS and Winona, MN.    In 1985, I transferred to Ottawa NWR, on Lake Erie,  where I spent over 20 years and retired in 2002.   In the past 20 years, I also ran a fishing charter boat on Lake Erie,  retired from this in 2006.

Thus, I have owned several boats and have been involved with boats all my life, both thru work and personal activities.


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