additional work – ready for road trip

in the past several weeks week, I did some additional work on boat,   changed gear oil in all three outboards,  ran the 50 hp a little bit,  painted some additional boards for the cabin frame,  did some additional electrical system upgrades,  checked out the gps/chartplotters and radios,  checked antennas and replace the one that was bad.      also built a second shelf on the rear of pontoon  to hold additional fuel tanks which I acquired via garage sales and craigs list.  then started to design and set up the basic wooden frame for the cabin enclosure.

I also discovered a broken arm on the spark advance mechanism which prevented reaching a slow idle, and probably maximum rpm. took the boat to Basspro for this repair.

The above photo shows the deck extension which will be mounted on the portion of pontoons that extend forward of the existing deck. This will provide additional room for items such as anchors, anchor line, etc. It incorporates a splash board, extending forward and up at 45 degrees to turn splashing waves down and under the boat to help keep the boat deck dry. this guard is also hinged to allow it to drop down when beaching the boat. And a short gangplank is also included for access to shore.

The square opening just left of center is a small transom for the 3 hp outboard which can then be used to maneuver the boat or provide quick emergency power. this outboard will also be used on the canoe if needed.


On the rear of the boat a second transom was built to hold the 10 hp outboard for emergency power and a larger and second shelf built of aluminum to hold additional tanks. Fuel capacity is now up to 35 gallons from the original 12 gallon when purchased.

The wooden frame materials were cut to fit and temporarily tacked and clamped together, will be disassembled for the road trip to Iowa and reassembled next year for the river trip. Roof will be added partially of light plywood, then covered with a large sheet of vinyl shrink-wrap material. Most of roof has a slight bow to conform to present metal canopy, but front part will have a flat wooden shelf to provide a place for some items, ie solar shower bags for hot water, a four-wheel wagon, and other bulky but not to heavy items. The four-wheel wagon will be used to haul supplies from distant stores, ie gasoline, ice, groceries, etc and other items that may not always be available at waters- edge marinas.
So now it is ready for the road trip to Iowa.

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