Day 15, at Hoppies Marina, RM 158

DSCN0800left the Arch area this morning about 8:30,  River current is much faster here and we were going 7-8 mph at motor setting that before would only give us 5 mph.   but waves pretty choppy for first several miles as towboat were going back and forth.    The large towboat with barges were not much problem,  but the small ones without any barges were moving much faster and would throw a large wake that lasted a long time.   These bounced our canoe in cradle a lot and we would have to slow down a lot.   Still made the 22 mile trip in about 3 hours.

this is an highhly industrial area that we passed today.    We went by site after site of parked full and empty barges,  sometimes 50 to 100 in one parking spot,   probably over 1000 altogether.     with lots of smaller tugs and towboats moving them around to make up larger units for the big towboats or moving them into place to be emptyed of filled.

we are now at Hoppies Marina near Kissswick, Mo.     This is our last actual marina before we reach the Kentucky/Barckley Lake area.    We will have to walk for gas for next 200+ miles.      The marina host give us a lift into town about a mile away to a grocery store and gas station where we picked up grocerys and beer.    so we are set for a time.       The bridge patrol people that we met yesterday gave up a large sack of fresh tomatos this morning so we will have some of them tonite.

Hoppie’s owners invited us to their Sunday evening cookout so we went to the cookout of grilled pork steak and chicken, sweet corn, beans , salads and cake for dessert.     A real hearty meal.


Went past the same hydraulic dredge that we saw several days ago,   This time it was pumping  so noice the spout of sand and water being ejectsed

Hydrolic drege "POTTER" pumping

Hydrolic drege “POTTER” pumping

End of pipe, probably 20" diameter, throwing out water and sand.

End of pipe, probably 20″ diameter, throwing out water and sand.

Water and sand is pumped out the end of a 20″ diameter pipe into the adjacent sand collection area.
Got to see the Nina and Pinta again as they headed back downriver past Hoppies Marina,   they were moving fairly rapidly with no sail, so apparently are not a complete replica as they must have modern engines in them DSCN0796
DSCN0799 Dock at Hoppies is several long barges cabled together.   we will be there until Tue morning and then head downriver.

Cooking steaks and chicken for the evening barbaque

Cooking steaks and chicken for the evening barbaque

Tt photo


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