Day 24, Thur, Oct 29, on Arkansas River RM 206 to Rm 230

Foggy again this morning with a layer of fog over the lake. It lifted about 8:45 and we started out. Nice calm lake this morning.     We got to Spadra Marina by about 1:00 and stopped there for the night.

Just before we got to the marina, we were going up a side channel that was about 1/2 mile wide and noticed what we first thought was just another piece of driftwood, but when meeting it we noticed that it was moving downstream and leaving a wake, with a closer looks it appeared to be something swimming so we turned around to check and it was a small buck deer swimming across this channel.      We took some pictures and followed it till it reach shore where it scrambled up the bank and into the woods.    I knew deer readily swim rivers to cross but had never seen one do it. The seem to swim easily and tirelessly.      Actually, deer have hollow hair so they float well.

I washed some clothes at their laundry area which was in a older building.     I had some underwear, blue jeans, and shirts to wash, both small loads, but since it was cold water only, I decided to wash together and then due the underwear again with some bleach.     However, when the first load was done, I noticed a lot of dirty spots and then found a mud dobbers nest in with the clothes.      So I removed it an thought I will just have to wash again.     The second time was no better and I found a lot of mud in the washer.

So I took the wet clothes back to the boat and told the marina gal about it. and she said she would clean it up and I could get the clothes washed later. So while waiting, I decided to get our little portable wash machine down from the roof storage area and did a couple of loads that way. but had not yet rinsed them out. This little machine does an excellent job.

After a couple of loads, the marina machine was cleaned and I went back to it an ran it thru a cycle just to do the rinse and then used the dryer to finish the job.

I tried fishing a little while of the dock, and caught one small bluegill. Then a fisherman came in and gave us a small catfish which I cleaned and put on ice.

Later, I fixed a couple of leaking hoses in our water and shower system and replaced a pump that was not working just right. We had an extra one along.

We fixed mashed potatoes and warmed up last nights fried chicken for supper, with some cupcakes for dessert. then read awhile, showered and went to bed.

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