Where we will travel!!

Brush Creek near starting point near Andrew, Ia.
Brush Creen near Andrew, Ia.

Our trip will start in a small creek near Andrew, Iowa and travel via canoe to the Maquoketa River and then to the Mississippi River. At some point, we will transfer to a pontoon boat (exact point is not yet determined). then continue down the Mississippi River, past St. Louis, to the Ohio River, (about 550 miles), then up the Ohio for about 50 miles to the Tennesse River, Across Kentucky Lake and on up the Tennesse River, thru Kentucky and Tennesse, and into Alabama.      Our final desination is near Florence, Al. on Lake Wilson. In this trip, we will go through over 30 Lock and Dams,  including Wilson Dam which will raise us up over 100 feet.    Distance is about 850 miles and take about 40 days

Creek near Andrew

1 CE

Brush Creek 2 miles east of Andrew, Ia

Brush Creen near Andrew, Ia.

Brush Creek near Andrew

Brush Creek 4 miles east of Andrew


Maquoketa River near mouth of Brush Creek, Ia.

Maquoketa River 2 miles from mouth into Mississippi River , near Bellevue, Ia.

Mississippi River near Subula, Ia, 20 miles downstream from Maquoketa River mouth

Map of route is shown below

Our Route

Tennessee River below Wilson Dam, Florence, Al

Wilson Lake on Tennesse River, above Wilson Dam,

2a 2b
3a 3b

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