Where We stayed each night

Where we stayed each night

Following is a list of the locations where we stayed each night,    ;Lat-Long
positions are shown for locations that were shoreline or water anchorages as
an aid for future travelers

Start. Wed, Aug 14th, 12:00 Noon    Left from the Spruce Creek Marina, RM 560 , 3 miles north of Bellevue, Iowa

Day 4, Wed, Aug 14th,   arrived Subula, Iowa about 5:00 PM, RM 535 , stayed at Subula city Courtsey Dock   5 hrs, 25 miles   Day 5, Thurs, Aug 15th     underway at 8:30AM,      arrived LeClaire, Ia., Iowa about 6:00PM, RM 497, stayed at city Courtsey Dock.       9 1/2 hours, 38 miles

Day 6, Friday , Aug 16th      underway at 8:50 AM        arrived Fairport Recreation area, couple of miles below Fairport, Ia. Rm 462, about 4:15PM.          tied up to dock for couple of hours, then moved off about 50 feet and anchored just offshore            7 1/2 hours, 35 miles,   Lat-Long: 41.43165,  90.9243

Day 7, Sat , Aug 17th      underway at 7:40 AM, stopped at Muscatine Harbor for gas**,        arrived Kiethsburg, Il. RM 427 at 3:00 PM, anchored on sand beach adjacent to city campground.        7 1/3 hrs, 35 miles

Day 8, Sun , Aug 18th       underway at 8:40 after going to a “boat in Breafast” at Boat Club Building         stopped at Bluff Harbor for gas,              at 4:00 PM, stopped near a boat ramp, Iowa side, RM 390, across river from Dallas City, Il.             behind an island and anchored to shoreline above ramp for the night                7 1/3 hrs, 37 miles    Lat-Long:  40.64975  91.18266

Day 9, Mon, Aug 19th       underway at 7:45AM, stopped at Capt.Kirk’s Marina in Ft. Madison, Ia for gas          arrived RM 354 at 2:15 PM, and anchored near Warsaw Gun Club on a mud beach on Ill. side,          about 5 miles south of Warsaw, Il.            6 1/2 hrs,  36 miles           .

Day 10, Tue, Aug 20th     underway at 7:00 AM, stopped for gas at Canton, Mo**, and again at Art Keller Marina near Quincy, Il       at 4:30 PM anchored in chute behind lower end of Goose Island, Ill side, RM 318,         9 1/2 hours, 36 miles    Lat-Long:  39.82979    91.40627

Day 11, Wed, Aug 21st       underway at 7:15 AM, stopped at Hannibal Marina for gas, but no attendant there.              stopped at Louisanana.Mo for gas**, and Two Rivers marina on Ill. side for ice and oil.           arrived at RM 279 about 4:45 PM, and anchored behind Crider Island.              9 1/2 hours, 41 miles     Lat-Long:  39.42581   90.98807

Day 12, Thurs, Aug. 22nd      underway at 7:30 AM,  stopped at a Hardware store in Clarksville, MO.        arrived at Two-Branch Marina at 4:15 PM, RM 231.5  for gas and overnight dock.          4 1/4 hours, 47 1/2 miles

Day 13, Fri, Aug 23rd       underway at 9:15 AM,  stopped at Portage Des Souix for gas and ice.         then stopped at Alton Marina to pump out portpottie, but they could not do it. (no adapter).            went back across & little upriver to a side channel, anchored just offshore at 4:30 PM, RM 205              7 1/4 hours, 26 1/2 miles     Lat-Long    38.899857   90.22831

Day 14, Sat, Aug 24th       underway at 7:15, stopped at Alton Marina for gas and ice. hen passed thru “Chain of Rocks bypass canal          and just passed the “Arch” to dock at Material Sales Co.(a barge repair facitity) for the night.          arrived at 12:45PM, RM 179            5 hours, 26 miles     Lat-Long  38.61621  90.18583

Day 15, Sun, Aug 25th        underway at 8:40AM,  arrived at Hoppie’s Marina, RM 11:45 AM, for overnight, RM 158.5          3 hours,  21.5 miles     Lat-Long   38.358485   90.36013

Day 16, Mon. Aug 26th         continued at Hoppie;s Marina

Day 17, Tues, Aug 27th  underway at 10:45 AM,  arrived Kaskaskia river at 3:30PM,RM 117 went up Kaskaskia river about 1/2 mile           and tied up to outside of floating quidewall at downstream side of Kaskaskia river dock              6 1/4 hours,   41.5 miles

Day 18,  Wed, Aug 28th             underway at 7:30 AM, stopped at Chester, Il for gas**               arrived at RM 82, just above Grand Tower, Il and anchored 50-75′ from Ill. shore,1:30 PM                 6 hours, 33 miles

Day 19, Thurs, Aug 29th         underway at 8:30 AM, arrive Cape Girardeau, Mo RM 51 at 12:30 PM            anchored across river channel behind wingdam               4 hours, 31 miles     Lat-Long   37.30916   89.50811

Day 20, Fri, Aug 30th          stayed at Thurs nite anchorage for Friday nite, went over to Cape Gireadequ for gas**

Day 21, Sat, Aug 31st         underway at 8:15 AM arrived RM 2 , just above Ohio River mouth at 3:30 PM           anchored offshore, just behind lower end of an island, Angelo Towhead,            7 1/4 hours, 49 miles     Lat-Long:   36.97797   89.15721

Day 22, Sun, Sept 1st         underway at 6:30 AM, stopped in Cairo, Il for gas**  went up Ohio for 8 miles, motor troubles           at 1:30 PM, we anchored across river from Mound City, Il on a sandy/mud sloping bank      8 hrs, 10 miles       Day 23, Mon, Sept 2nd  at 8:00 SM, due to motor troubleswe motored across river to Mound City Boat Ramp and            anchored on beach below ramp.   stayed there 2 days in attempt to get motor repaired.

Day 24, Tues, Sept 3rd        at 8:00 SM, we motored across river to Mound City Boat Ramp and anchored on beach below ramp.            stayed there 2 days in attempt to get motor repaired.

Day 25, Wed, Sept 4th            had marine dealer pick up boat and take to shop for motor repair,               in motel overnight            Day 26, Thurs, Sept 5th          dealer to boat back to Metropolis, Il and launch.  motor still not running right              stayed overnight at Metropolis dock

Day 27, fri, Sept 6th       due to motor troubles, stayed overnight at Metropolis dock

Day 28, Sat, Sept 7th       due to motor troubles,stayed overnight at Metropolis dock

Day 29, sun, Sept 8th       due to motor troubles,stayed overnight at Metropolis dock

Day 30, Mon, Sept 9th       took boat on trailer into Paducah, KY for motor repair, overnite in motel Day 31, Tues, Sept 10         overnite in motel

Day 32, Wed, Sept 11th   picked up boat with trailer, took to Kentucky Lake marina and launched about 1:00 PM          moved up the lake to Moors Marina, RM 23 to RM 31,  4:00 PM            3 Hrs, 8 miles

Day 33, Thurs, Sept 12th       underway at 9:45,  arrived up Blood river and Sugar Creek Arm Rm 52 at 3:00 PM. and anchored         5 1/4 hours, 21 miles,    Lat-Long  36.64071   88.13225

Day 34, Fri, Sept 13th       underway at 8:30 AM, arrived Paris Landing marina, RM 66    at 1:00 PM, stayed overnight          4 1/2 hours, 15 miles

Day 35, Sat. Sept 14th     underway at 1;30 PM because of winds in AM, arrived at Cane Creek bay at Rm 78 about 5:00 Pm,            anchored about 3 miles up bay by 6:00 pm             4 hours, 12 miles      Lat-Long   36.30262   87.92787

Day 36, Sun.  Sept 15th     underway at 8:00 AM, stopped at Pebble Isle for gas, grocerys, lunch, etal      arrived at and went up Birdsong Creek at RM 103 anchored about 3:00 PM        7 hrs, 25 miles,    Lat-Long:  35.97848    88.03378

Day 37, Mon.  Sept 16th      Underway at 7:45 AM.  stopped at Cuba Landing, but closed, then stopped at Crooked Creek for gas       then on to Mermaid Marina for gas,  and arrived at RM 144 and anchored to shoreline at mouth of         white’s creek at about 4:00 PM           8 1/4 hrs, 41 miles    Lat-Long  35.507135   87.978315

Day 38, Tues  Sept 17th      underway at 8:15 AM, stopped at Clifton Marina for gas, then stopped at Saltillo for gas        arrived at RM 181 at 4:00 PM and anchored off shoreline.           7 3/4 hrs, 37 miles

Day 39, Wed.  Sept 18th     underway at 8:00 AM, stopped at Savanna, TN for gas, reach Pickwick Lake and thru lock       arrived Pickwick lake state park marina at 3:00 PM, RM 207,  and obtained dock for night           7 hrs, 26 miles    Day 40, thurs, Sept 19th       underway at 9:00 AM, stopped at Grand Harbor Marina for Ice, arrived at Waterloo, AL at 2:00PM RM 227, and tied up to city courtsey ramp for overnight.  went into town for gas**         5 hrs , 20 miles      Lat-Long  34.91354    88.06085

Day 41, Fri, Sept 20th       underway at 9:00 am,  arrived Florence Marina at 1:30 PM, RM 256, dock for night,          took courtsey car to our house in Florence and return with pickup and car. unloaded items from boat and returned to house for night.         4 1/2 hrs, 29 miles

Day 42, Sat Sept 21st       returned to boat and got underway about 1:00PM, thru wilson lock,  and at 3:00 PM, we         stopped at friends house on shoal creek for 2 hrs, then on to brush creek and docked at cousin John’s house at 5:00PM  RM 265        3 hrs, 9 miles

Total river miles, Brush creek and Maquoketa river 25 miles, Mississippi river,  560,   Ohio river, 50 miles (8 by boat, rest via trailer),        Tennessee river 60 miles (23 via trailer) ,

total 850 miles

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