Day 18, Aug 28, Wed

Left mooring at 7:30, went downriver pulled and stopped at Chester, Ill. at a boat ramp, pulled up on little sand beach and got wagon ready for the walk,    Milt started out, but someone pulled up and offered to take us to station.    People along the river have been very friendly and generous this way.   We got gas and ice, then downriver to anchor in a near channel area above Grand Tower. and will be here for the night.     Supper for tonite will be leftover goulash from last nite.

At certain sharp bends in the river, the COE, (corps of Enginneers) has place deep underwater wing dams to attempt to control the river channel.   This causes very turbelent water which can make for tricky steering as the boat gets batted one way and then another.   Barges often must take up the entire channel to naviagate these bends.    We have been radioing ahead to see if any barge is entering the bend from downriver.    In the worst one, we waited 30-40 minutes for a couple to clear before we continued.In narrow areas, we often call an approaching barge to see which side is best to meet him on.  they have been very helpful.


turbulent water in some sharp bend is caused by some deep under water wing dams d there to control the channel. this makes for some tricky steering

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