Day 12, Sat, Oct 17th, on Mississippi River below Crutherville, MO.but in Arkansas

We got up about 7:00AM.  Temperature this morning was down to 37 degrees, but we were plenty warm in the sleeping bags.  Then we  did some adjustments to the boat, better secured the canoe, and a few other things, then got underway at a little after 9:00.  We had better going today with a north/northeast wind so we had both the wind and the current helping us.   However, the wind was cold and we kept our windbreakers and jackets on.

Unlike yesterday, we only met 3 or 4 towboats all day, so we cruised at about 10 mph for most of the time.

We stopped at Cruthersville, Mo. for gas, pulled the boat up to a boat ramp, unloaded the tanks and wagon, a visitor said there was a station a few blocks away so Milton started out with wagon, and after a few blocks, someone gave him a ride and he was back in a short time.

We continued on and anchored behing a large rock wingdam a few miles below Cruthersville and are now in Arkansas.   Had some trouble anchoring at first because of wind and current, but finally found a quieter current close to wingdam and are now here for the night.

We will be cooking hamburgers again tonight with cake and pie for desert.

will add a few photos later tonite or maybe tomorrow

photo or text photo or text
photo or text photo or text
photo or text photo or text

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