Day 13, Aug 23 RM 231 to near Alton, Ill. RM 205

Made about 25 miles today,  go up somewhat later, and took our time,   made some adjustments to boat.  was nice going in morning , but wind picked up above Alton where there was more open areas and a lot of very large cruiser boats that create big wake waves that tend to bounce our canoe pretty hard.

picked up a little gas at a marina, went into Alton Marina to dump portapotti, but could not.   they only have a pumpout that fits big boat.    not to friendly to us.    tried to find an anchor spot across channel from Alton but water pretty shallow and still big wake waves,    then went back upstream for couple of miles and into a shallow chute and anchored near a boat ramp.   Sheriff officer came by and talked to us awhile.

Plan to stop at Arch tomorrow




Passed a lot of limestone cliffs  above Alton, Il, quite impresive

Large clifffs above Alton,Il

Large clifffs above Alton,Il

TtextDSCN0740 Interesting feature in the cliff,  I thought the hole in the wall was in Wyoming.

Paddleboat "American Queen" going upriver

Paddleboat “American Queen” going upriver

Unloading coal for nearby electrical power plant

Unloading coal for nearby electrical power plant

Ttext photo
Ttext photo
Ttext photo

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  2. Patricia
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 04:00:18

    I’m thinking about your ‘adventure’ and wishing you a wonderful time together. Would like to see more wildlife pictures or even the people you are meeting along the way. Everyone asks about how you are getting along and where you are. Did you expect to make such good time on the river?


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